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Cedars School Song

Words by Dr G H Fowler                         

Music by H O Hodgson FRCO

Patulae sub tegmine

Cedri laboramus.

Hilari nunc carmine

Scholam celebremus.

Volitans accipiter

Noster in sereno.

Monstrat nobis clariter

Viam sole pleno;

Altiora petimus

Volucrem sequentes,

Sordida reiicimus,

Retro haud videntes.

Scholae talis gloriam,

Nunquam minuamus;

Cedrum et accipitrem

Semper foveamus.

Floreat Lectona,

Floreat Lectona.

We work beneath the shades of the broad spreading cedars.

Let us now praise our School with joyful song.

Our Buzzard flying flying high shows us clearly a pathway lit by the splendour of the sun.

We seek the higher things following the bird, we cast aside the thing that is low, never looking backward.

Let us never lessen the glory of such a school.

Let us ever cherish the cedar and the buzzard.

May Leighton Flourish!

May Leighton Flourish!

The Cedar School Song, reproduced here in its original Latin text together with a translation, was traditionally learnt by pupils during their first term at the school. It was regularly sung at School Assemblies, until in recent years the School moved from its town centre site to its present location on Mentmore Road and the practise ended.

The Lodge members now sing the School Song at each meeting, sadly some of us are not as proficient in Latin as the School would have wished, but what we loose in our language abilities we make up for with our enthusiasm in singing.